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Storytellers with vision, passion and attitude.
We make the movies we want to watch.  
For two decades, this one rule has shaped everything we do.  Insightful storytelling, striking imagery, state-of-the-art production - there's no formula to predict to why sometimes it all comes together to make magic. And that's why we have to bring our A game every time, all the time.

If we're honest, we all know you can pour a lot of craftsmanship and effort and expense into something that still makes the audience's eyes glaze over. The world doesn't need more of those. 

Our superpower? We're stubbornly impatient with everything we work on until we know it's something worth watching.

It's just that simple.
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Colin J. Mason

Colin J. Mason

Colin J. Mason is a director, photographer and composer who hails from the Washington DC area.  

He has directed numerous award-winning short films, a feature film, and a large body of commercial and narrative work ranging from music videos, to major branding pieces, to reality television pilots.  His documentary directing experience spans more than 18 countries, including Taiwan, the Philippines, Colombia, Peru, Hong Kong, Russia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Tanzania, Uganda, England, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and China.

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Mike Powell is a writer/director and editor based in the greater Washington, DC area. He earned a master's degree in literature from Catholic University and worked for several years in education, both as a teacher and textbook author, but chiefly employs his writing skills as Mirandum Pictures' copywriter, developing concepts for branding videos. Mike also frequently serves as director on Mirandum's video shoots, drawing on his fifteen years experience as a theatrical director.

Mike Powell

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